Meisner Technique Testimonials

DSC01890“We are so blessed to have Joanne, DW and all the wonderful teachers at the studio … keeping the truth of the Meisner technique alive and untainted. Not only have I learned how to live more truthfully under imaginary circumstances, I have learned to live more truthfully period.” – Kelly Noonan

“I absolutely love the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio: the professional atmosphere it maintains, the creative spark it generates and the warm, friendly karma it fosters. These elements are undoubtedly due to Joanne Baron and all the teachers experience, leadership and passion.”  – Graham Clarke

“Since attending your incredible school, my life has changed in so many amazing ways. I want to truly thank you both for all the hard work, dedication to the craft and long hours you spent in making my craft truly enjoyable and honed.

After finishing my 6th Television series and countless movies, I am in a state of reflection and constant awe at the amazing talent that has come out of your school. I remember the days well and just truly want to let you know that you all were the best part of this wonderful journey for me. The school, the late nights, repetition, the countless journals I have that chronicled it all! What a pleasure. In fact, I have to say that all the years (15 now) that I have been working as an actress, not much has brought the joy, skill and hard working satisfaction that being in your school brought me. I have been blessed with 2 Best Actress nominations last year, for my work in my grittiest role to date. It was from the last TV series I shot in Canada and I would love to share the nominations with you. I trust that you are all well and enjoying being so great at what you do.”  – Brandy Ledford

“Even though I thought I would freak out working with major stars, somehow I did not and was completely relaxed and in the moment. I have been trying to figure this out, and I think it boils down to the simple fact that I have some of the best training you can get.” – David Green

“I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you for the Joanne Baron D.W. Brown Studio, with its knowledge and inspiration. Since the end of the first day of my six weeks class, my spirit woke in realization that in this big, cold city of thousands of acting classes, how lucky I am to have started your school. I am lucky and so is every student who has passed through your doors.” – Sarah Tadayon

“I would like to thank Joanne Baron for creating this nurturing environment for actors to develop their craft. Thanks to her we have the fortune of learning the brilliant Meisner technique in its intended form. Her meticulous eye for the truth of each moment opens our horizons to the endless possibilities we have in detailing the canvas of our art. Thank you for expecting us to illuminate every moment with truth and beauty; you open our eyes to the extraordinary potential of our art… D.W. communicates his teachings to us with respect and as a friend, with humor and good nature… He has endeavored to cultivate in us an unshakable artistic integrity… He is our constant reminder of the artistic heights to which we can aspire.” – Josh Saks

“Acting – the art of being human. Never has it been so clear and endlessly intriguing… Throughout the training we have been given a vocabulary for all the abstract ideas needed to discover the inner workings of a story. Whether we are writers, directors, film actors or stage performers – this language has made us natives in a formerly foreign world.” – Jocelyn Fee

“My time at this studio has been nothing short of an adventure, a wild ride. I began the studio shortly after doing the whole: pack your car move to LA thing, and I couldn’t be more grateful Yes, the work I have studied, and done my best to understand and Illuminate, is invaluable, but above all else it’s the relationships I have created that are most treasured. I am honored to be part of such a free, eclectic group of individuals.” John Brotherton

“How lucky I was to have teachers that cared and believed in me so much to push me to my best… With all the blood, sweat, and tears, it was all worth it and probably one of the best journeys of my life.” – Sachandra Grandoit

“This work has allowed us to access our talent and the part of ourselves that is bigger than our ego– the part that is generous beyond measure, and more loving and kind than we thought possible. The best part of ourselves, the brightest light we can shine forth, is revealed in the process of doing this work. In attempting to hold a mirror up to the true human condition, we’ve all first had to look deeply at our own reflections… The best thing we can do with our time is to get closer to the truth, and this place has afforded us the ability to get closer to artistic and personal truth.” – Elizabeth Hanson

“I realized that I did have something to say. I did have something to offer. I had myself, my voice, and my unique experience, and I realized I wanted that voice to be heard. Even if it could not do justice to the enormity of this journey, nonetheless, it is from the heart, it is my own, personal truth… Sanford Meisner once said that before he could teach someone to act, first he had to teach them to be a human being. And this, I feel, is one of the most profound lessons that anyone, actor or otherwise, could ever learn, and we are grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn so valuable a lesson.” – Manish Gupta

“To the teachers of the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio: You have taught us a way to see ourselves as we are–and to overcome that which conceals this truth from us. You’ve opened many a door to a world of love and respect for ourselves, each other, and other living beings. With the magic you bring, you’ve helped us turn fear into strength, ego into humility, and ourselves into artists, that we may illuminate the Truth, discover the beauty, and work hard at our craft.” – Amar Salgia

“The training I’ve received here has not only revolutionized my acting, but has changed me as a person. When I started all I wanted was to better myself as an actor – but in the end I not only learned how to act from my soul and my heart, I broke down the walls that were holding me back in my life. Thanks for showing me the path to truth. Thanks for the gems of knowledge we received every class. I’ll always remember the lessons I learned here for the rest of my life.” Nevin Millan

“The studio has changed me from a woman who acted in sound bites to someone who really learned how to listen, appreciate silence, take the attention off myself, and keep my attention on my work. The work here has taught me how to check my ego at the door, commit fully in the moment, and to act fearlessly. The Baron Brown Studio has, in my opinion, the most disciplined, distinguished, passionate and compassionate educators of the Meisner Technique. The teachers here have enhanced the texture, faith and intentionaly of my life. We have forged profound bonds of an artistic community and friendships that will continue on. And the Baron Brown Studio will always serve as our artistic home. Now that’s a solid rock to stand on.” – Amber Mathews

“I have been in your six-week intensive class for all of five classes. After three classes we reached what had taken two months in another so-called Meisner class I had taken. I look forward to see where the path will lead in this training and I thank Joanne for taking time out of her busy schedule to make a difference in my training and inevitably my future as an actress.” – Tina Carston

“Someone I had met told me about this acting school down in Santa Monica and they said it was great. And I said, “Look man, I’m from New York, I’m not gonna’ find a good acting school in LA.” My first class: in walks this guy wearing a suit. As he started talking to us, he had this look in his eye that said ‘stick around, you have no idea what you are in for.’ The other thing he said was that he expected greatness, from everybody.” – Josh Jonas

Master Class Testimonials

IMG_5522“I have had the privilege of watching you teach for the past two years and let me just first say that I could watch you teach twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You have an endless energy and passion for the work and life that is truly inspiring. The list of things I have learned from you is infinite, however, there is one specific lesson that has changed my work and my life. You always say, “Put the work before yourself.” This allows me to completely open myself up to critique so that I can endlessly grow and best serve my art. Knowing this gives me a license to relax and have the most fun with a performance… I look forward to growing as an artist and person with you in future Master Classes.” – Evan Dannemiller

“I left feeling inspired every day. I was continually impressed with your patience and the generous amount of time you spent with students… I thank you for maintaining such high standards with the Studio.” – Robin Hathaway

“I just wanted to thank you for such an enchanting experience with Master Class. My goodness, the time, energy, love, and wisdom you graciously share is a blessing from God and priceless… Thank you so much, Joanne, for your genius!” – Hana Mae Lee

“The Master Class changed my life and a week and a half after it I booked my first acting job; a co-staring role on Close to Home. I’ve also never had such a clear picture drawn of the work, or even acting, in my life.” – Haley Webb

“A Casting Director attended our Master Class and after seeing my work decided to call me in for a project that she was casting for. A month after auditioning for the Director I booked the job. I got so much out of the Master Class and from listening to Joanne that I knew when I applied the work that it would only be a short time before I would see the results. Many actors auditioned, however when I applied the work and the notes that Joanne had given me it all fell into place.” – Scott Logan

“When Joanne began teaching again, I jumped at the chance to enroll in her Master Class…the experience somehow changed my perception of everything from script analysis to character interpretation to actions. I also found a new and powerful emotional life. It was a resounding success in learning and I was fortunate to be seen by one of the top directors in Hollywood and she called me in for an audition.” – David Green

“The Master Class is an inspirational learning experience that has changed my entire understanding of acting. It truly is a great place for us all to grow as actors and human beings. Joanne has such honesty and precision in her teaching, its no wonder the work is at such a high level. Thank you very much for helping me get representation.” – David Lloyd Smith

“I greatly benefited from this class as an actor — AND director. As a director, I feel I’m now better equipped for being able to identify a range of actors problems, articulate them, and provide specialized techniques to fix them. As an actor, I’m fortunate to be supporting a wife and two children, working full-time at this craft. However, Joanne immediately zeroed in on the one hang-up that could hold me back from breaking through to the next level, and gave me very specific steps I can take to overcome it. Unquestionably, she has an amazing command of all that is acting, and very inspired, honest, yet practical, methods for imparting her expertise. Highly recommended for the serious actor.” – Travis Davis

“I’ve acted in all four so far and can’t say enough about them, however, I’d sum my feelings up with this, ‘Joanne speaks a language, which seems to be foreign to most of Hollywood…Truth and Commitment!'” – Brad Graiff

“I just want to let you know that I have been so inspired from the school and from your Master Class. I have never believed in myself more than I do now-and I owe it all to the Studio and your class. I am definitely planning on doing the Master Class.  You are an amazing woman Joanne and an inspiration to all women. I have definitely learned more here than I did in Film School for 4 years. Thank you for your open heart and brilliant mind!” – Jean Fletcher


“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciated the Film Master Class. As an individual who has only done stage work, the idea of film was a bit intimidating but because of the past weekend, I feel I can approach it. I am so blessed to have stumbled upon this Studio. For me, this school, these teachers, this work has made all the difference. Thank you.”  – Marci Miller

“D.W., Thanks once again for the inspiration, insight and support. It’s not surprising, but it’s been a profound experience for me. Thank you for your continuous mentorship; you elevate my art.”
– Bryan Bellomo

“Even under the pressure of continuous shots, frequent camera moves, and a live audience, the actors remained calm and focused under D.W.’s always brilliant direction. Even sitting in the audience we gained a fresh perspective as we all watched on the big screen the most subtle of emotions come to life. I hope this Master Class is repeated at least once or twice each year. D.W. and Joanne make a formidable team!”– Stephan Paternot

“DW Brown’s Master Class was a momentous experience. I learned so much about the details of film acting. I soaked in so much more because he speaks our Meisner language. It was awesome! Thank you so much!”
-Cat Lee McGowan

“I thought D.W.’s class was amazing. I feel like I absorbed so much wisdom, not just from him directing me, but also from watching him direct other people with the close up shots. It was a great experience and showed all of us how specific and relaxed we need to be. I would definitely do it all over again!”-Caitlin Zambito

“Thank you so much for your teaching, guidance, and direction during Master Class. I learned so much…Every day I am grateful to learn at the Baron/Brown Studio and learning from you directly was the opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you for being so generous with us.”– Dana Hunt

Joanne Baron’s Industry Master Class

Thank you so much for all your wisdom, insight, and advice. This Master Class was such an enjoyable experience and truly educational. Your words to me were truly invaluable and I took them to heart. You are such an inspiration to me with both your talent as a teacher and actor. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you and learn from you. There are really no words to describe the impact you’ve had. Thank you…so, so much.  – Jayme Lynn Evans

“Thank you so much for a wonderful master class! I learned so much from you. I appreciate all of your time and effort in making me a better actress. You opened me up to feelings and emotions I never knew I had. This Master Class was such a great experience for me! You truly are magic!”– Katie Gill

“Every chance I get to be in your presence, I am always uplifted, of course, and transformed in some way. This time has been particularly special. I’m sure you can guess. You mean so much to me and I think it’s impossible for me to respect anyone more than I respect you. Art is big and we are small and I and the world are blessed to be led, taught, inspired, shaken, awoken, and love by someone like you. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for everything.”– Haley Webb

“I learned so much from this last Master Class. Just the fact that I learned that I can truly believe in my own work ethic is a gift enough from the training, the gift I am the most grateful for the most of all. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, again, again: the school has given me hope, clarity and really truly has been the best transition into adulthood I could have ever asked for. Thank you forever.”–Sarah Tadayon


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