‘Be Penetrated by all that you Fear’ Article by Lisa Milillo


It’s so hard to be rejected, to wait for something to happen, to feel motivated, to take action.  There are areas of your life that you must look at.  What is worse than failing… worse, is regret. 

I have no interest in ever being “fearless,“ for that is not what makes us great.


Congrats to our alums in Emmy Nominated Shows!

Alum Graham Littlefield produces The Handmaid’s Tale (with 20 noms), Clifton Collins Jr. costars in Westworld (6 noms), Lakeith Stanfield costars in Atlanta (5 noms), Justin Hartley stars in This is Us (5 noms), DeStorm Power created and stars in Caught (short-form category nom) – Congrats to all!


How Actors Eliminate Themselves in Auditions, No Acting Required

Article by Joanne Baron and DW Brown – originally written for Backstage Magazine.

Recently, we were at a holiday event and had the opportunity to hear a director on an award-winning series talk about the odd, funny, unfortunate, and misguided ways actors go into auditions thinking they have a leg up on the competition, only to take missteps that end up eliminating them.


You’re Invited to Celebrate!

We’re excited to have a legendary, Academy Award winning actor join us to honor our new alumni! Join us at a Santa Monica Hotel on July 14th at 7pm. Open to all, ages 16 and older, RSVP to 310-451-3311 or info@baronbrown.com


Meisner Master Class with Joanne Baron!

The first weekend of the Meisner Master Class with Joanne Baron was a great success! Students overcame obstacles, clarified their work, and had major breakthroughs that they will take with them the rest of their career. Auditing is still available for this weekend, which will cover the character interpretation and script analysis portion of the technique. Call 310-451-3311 or email info@baronbrown.com for details!


‘Why You Should Embrace Failure as a Positive’

see the original post in Daily Actor

Why You Should Embrace Failure as a Positive

by Joanne Baron


Excepting failure is one of the critical things that an actor must embrace in order to be successful. In fact, viewing failure as a negative is probably not the right perspective if one is going to be resilient and get back up and keep trying.


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Audit Master Class this weekend!

Auditing Now Open to the Public – March 17, 18, 24, 25 10am-6pm

Joanne Baron, Artistic Director of the Baron Brown Studio, will be teaching a Meisner Technique-based Master Class. Joanne has been teaching the Meisner Technique for over 40 years and has trained directly under Sanford Meisner and William Esper. Her Studio, the Baron Brown Studio, is based in Santa Monica and has been home to actors, writers, producers, and directors since 1975.


Acting is a Life Of Sacrifice…Are You Truly Ready?

Written by Joanne Baron and DW Brown for Backstage Magazine. For original article, please visit: https://www.backstage.com/advice-for-actors/backstage-experts/acting-life-sacrifice-are-you-truly-ready/

Acting is a Life Of Sacrifice…Are You Truly Ready?

For someone who has professed a passion for acting, the question, “Do you really want to act?” will result in an unwavering respond that it’s their dream and that it’s all they’ve ever wanted to do.


The Self-Critic – An Entry by DW Brown

The Self-Critic

by DW Brown

The normal person has within them a judging presence: judging themselves. And, given
how much this entity, with its whip of shame, dominates our hours and dictates the
course of our lives, let’s take a moment to turn the tables and critique this critic. The
mechanism of self-criticism prides itself on being stark and acute and having a lock on
the ultimate truth about us, certain in its opinions of how we’ve measured up so far, and
how we’re doing in each unfolding moment.