Directors, Writers, & Producers have all studied this technique. Find out why.

Learn to develop the skill to help actors access their deepest emotions and to create the clearest most specific characters.

Directors of The Baron Brown Studio (partial list):

  • Michael Rymer (Jennifer Jones, The Man in the High Castle, ‘Hannibal,’ ‘The Killing,’ ‘American Horror Story, Battlestar Galactica,’ Queen of the Damned, Angel Baby)
  • David Rogers (‘The Mindy Project,’ ‘Parks and Recreation,’ ‘The Office’)
  • Tom Shadyac (Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, Bruce Almighty, Evan Almighty, Patch Adams, Nutty Professor)
  • Martha Coolidge (First Woman President of DGA, ‘CSI,’ ‘Angie Tribeca,’ ‘Madame Secretary,’ ‘The Night Shift,’ Real Genius, The Prince and Me, ‘Sex and the City,’ Rambling Rose, Dorothy Dandridge, Valley Girl)
  • Andrew Fleming (‘New Girl,’ Michael J Fox Show,’ The Craft, Nancy Drew, Dick, Hamlet 2)
  • Jason Hall (Thank You For Your Service – currently in production from Amblin Ent. and Dreamworks)

The Meisner training encapsulates all the specific technical information required for any written scene. Writers such as David Mamet have trained in this technique and credit it with their writing skill. The initial improvisational scenes combined with the subsequent character and script analysis work possess the keys to all great writing.

Writers of The Baron Brown Studio (partial list):

  • Jason Hall (Oscar Nominee, BAFTA Nominee, and Writers Guild Nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay: American Sniper)
  • Adam Simon (Man Down, starring Shia LaBeouf, Gary Oldman, and Kate Mara, ‘Blacklist’)
  • Anthony Yerkovich (Emmy Winner – 111 episodes of original ‘Miami Vice’ and also worked on the remake, 31 episodes of ‘Hill Street Blues’)
  • Rachel Sweet (‘Hot in Cleveland’)
  • Tom Shadyac (youngest staff joke writer for Bob Hope, Nutty Professor, Ace Ventura)
  • Bob Oschack (comedy writer for over 962 episodes of ‘Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,’ ‘Best Damn Sports Show Period,’ 58 episodes of ‘Mind of Mencia’)

Develop the skill to analyze a script and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Learn how to most effectively cast and interface with actors. Connect with others in the Studio community to build artistic and professional relationships and create projects. Many Baron Brown producers have created award winning works and collaborated with other Baron Brown alumni.

Producers of The Baron Brown Studio (partial list):

  • Brian Wankum (‘Once Upon a Time – almost 100 episodes,’ ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ ‘V,’ ‘Firefly’)
  • David Rogers (‘The Mindy Project,’ ‘The Office’)
  • Doug Claybourne (Nights in Rodanthe, North Country, Fast and the Furious, Mask of Zorro, Jack, Money Train, The War of the Roses, Apocalypse Now)
  • Ron Taylor (Former Vice President of Development and Programming – Colombia-TriStar , Former Vice President of Diverse Programming and Content – FOX)
  • Mickey Liddell (The Grey, The Details, The Collector, Go, ‘Everwood’)
  • Rachel Sweet (‘Hot in Cleveland,’ ‘George Lopez,’ ‘Dharma and Greg’)
  • Tom Shadyac (in development for HBO project Kinison with Josh Gad)