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The Training.


To qualify for admission, an applicant must:

1. Interview with the Director, the Artistic Director, or the Admissions Manager.
2. Submit a completed enrollment agreement together with the required payment.

The applicant will receive prompt notification of acceptance or rejection of admission. Programs start throughout the year and students should contact the Studio directly for the latest schedule.


Six Week Intensive – Summer , Winter , Spring

The Six Week Intensive program provides fundamental training for the actor as a theatrical instrument. This course of acting includes exercises to improve concentration and responsiveness through listening, answering, and activity work. These essential elements of acting are then applied to scene work. This program covers the principle requirements of all acting, whether for theater, film, or television. The program consists of six weeks of training in which the student attends three classes per week and every student works in every class.

Essential Acting / Vital Acting / Effective Acting

This program disciplines the performer to develop their full imagination with tools for accessing their deepest possible emotional life. The goal is for the student to act truthfully with vivid imaginative relationships, full emotional connection, and spontaneity in improvisational and scripted work. This class meets twice per week and every student works in every class.

Character Interpretation & Script Analysis

These classes initiate the process an actor must undertake in order to represent a character, someone who is different from the actor's "straight self ." Students learn how to analyze a text in order to understand those values that should be truthfully represented in its playing including genre, theme, setting, style, and all the specific elements necessary to truthfully embody the character as required by the text. This class meets twice per week.

Meisner Artistics

This one hour coaching is given one-on-one by a teacher or coach to clarify and advance a students work in the classroom.

The Meisner Intensive Review Class

The Meisner Master Class is a review of the Meisner technique condensed into an intensive for those who have already taken Meisner courses. The program will review and refine the actor's understanding and mastery of all aspects of the fundamental principles of acting including basic moment-to-moment contact with another performer, working with techniques for further stimulation of the imagination, creating specific relationships, and advanced improvisational and scripted scenes. Every student works in every class.

On Camera Audition Technique

Audition Technique is a program designed to develop techniques unique to the auditioning process, including working with scripts on camera, working in mock audition exercises, cold reading, and interacting with visiting directors, producers, and casting directors. This class holds biannual showcases with Industry professionals. This class meets once per week. Every student works in every class. Admission Criteria: Evaluation by instructor and Admissions Manager.

Scene Study Lab

The Scene Study Lab is a program that provides students the opportunity to work on a wide variety of scripts, developing a broad range of characters with the goal of stretching and expanding their skills. The actor will work on scenes and monologues chosen in collaboration with their teacher. The class meets once per week. Every student works in every class. Admission Criteria: Evaluation by instructor and Admissions Manager.

Master Class (Intensive)

The Master Class Mission Statement
To inspire and encourage artists to the highest level of work they can possibly achieve with full and uncompromising commitment, fully embracing their work and our artistic community.

The Master Class—Advanced Scene Study
This Master Class is a four day intensive taught by Joanne Baron, the Artistic Director of the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio at a state of the art, 100 seat theater in the Los Angeles area. The class will address script analysis and character interpretation in-depth, facilitating the artist's ability to create a fully realized performance. Actors, writers, directors, and producers work on fully prepared professionally performed scenes. The scenes selected by the Artistic Director are from the most current theatrical productions in New York, London, and Los Angeles.

The Industry Master Class
This Master Class is a four day intensive taught by Joanne Baron, the Artistic Director of the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio at a state of the art, 100 seat theater in the Los Angeles area. Students perform film scenes for a panel of industry judges consisting of agents, managers, casting directors and producers. Scenes selected by the judges are recorded on a DVD and sent to top industry professionals.

DW Brown's Film Acting Master Class
This class is held at a state of the art 100 seat theater over a 4 day period and focuses on acting for the camera. Students will perform scenes which will then be filmed and screened for review by DW Brown.

Private Audition Coaching

This one-on-one coaching prepares actors for auditions, giving the actor the greatest opportunity to perform at their highest level In the audition setting.

Private Coaching for Role Preparation

This coaching prepares the actor for an actual performance, readying them to work at the highest level professionally in theater, film and television.

On Set Coaching

This coaching allows an actor to have a coach available on location, facilitating the actor to consistently technically execute the Director's vision.

Skype Meisner Classes

Skype is an alternative method for those who want to learn the Meisner technique properly but are unable to attend our Studio location in Santa Monica. Classes are taught in the Meisner with a schedule that is conducive to both teacher and students. If a Skype student wishes to complete their Vital Acting or CISA course work and move onto the next level of their training they must be evaluated in person at the Santa Monica, Studio CA location unless another location can be mutually agreed upon. The fee for this evaluation will be determined at the time required of its scheduling depending on the date, time, and teacher who will be doing the evaluation.

Business of Acting Course

This class is taught by a leading industry professional and addresses all aspects of the business of acting including casting, representation, contracts and image consulting.

Alexander Technique

Michael Frederick, Los Angeles’ premier Alexander teacher and Baron/Brown Meisner Alum, teaches ongoing classes in the Alexander Technique. The Alexander Technique offers a clear, systematic look into the underlying principles that govern human movement.

Voice & Speech

Los Angeles' foremost Speech and Voice teachers - ongoing private and class instruction- available through The Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio.

Educational Policies

Because of the close collaboration between instructor and student and the challenging nature of this demanding training, students enrolled at the Baron / Brown Studio participate in weekly rehearsals and are required to attend their scheduled classes with the exception of absences for professional work or illness.

Student Services

Career Support

As the leading institution specializing in preparing people for careers in acting, writing, directing, and producing, the Studio has always had a strong commitment to the success of its students. Efforts are undertaken to assist students including introductions to agents, managers, and casting directors. The Studio assists in casting theater, film, and television and recommends actors to the theatrical community for these productions. The Studio also recommends specialists who provide personal counseling in job search techniques, resume and letter writing, interviewing, and presentation skills.

While the Studio cannot guarantee placement or bookings, we are committed to providing useful and up-to-date employment information whenever possible.

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