The Joanne Baron D.W. Brown Acting Studio in Santa Monica Los Angeles


Tom Hanks Joanne Baron Acting School Los Angeles...if you're not at the top of the game, you will be because you are in this room. You have been part of this brilliant collective and you understand the concept, I think, of beauty.
-Tom Hanks

Halle Berry Joanne Baron Acting School Los AngelesI've studied with lots of different teachers, lots of different schools, lots of different cities and places in the world and you've got the best teaching that you can possibly have.
-Halle Berry

Robert De Niro Joanne Baron Acting School Los AngelesI'm here because [one of the students] asked me to speak who is a friend of mine. She has told me that this is the finest acting school and it has changed her life.
-Robert De Niro

Sean Penn Joanne Baron Acting School Los AngelesThis is a great school the teachers are serious and the students get fantastic training.
-Sean Penn

Dustin Hoffman Joanne Baron Acting School Los AngelesI'm here because my daughter studied at the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio. There is a great discipline in the classes, if you want to do this for the thing itself, that's a higher purpose.
-Dustin Hoffman

Oliva Wilde Joanne Baron Acting School Los AngelesD.W. has a way of communicating complex actions with such simplicity and clarity that the heartbeat of the scene suddenly appears thrillingly within you. He guides you to the tools you are already holding, and then reminds you how exciting it can be to really use them. Under his direction I felt inspired, safe, and capable of anything.
-Oliva Wilde

Robin Wright Joanne Baron Acting School Los AngelesI remember feeling a sense of security from D.W. He provided an atmosphere within which the insecure, novice actor could safely strive, explore, and even fail.
-Robin Wright

Jeff Goldblum Joanne Baron Acting School Los Angeles...seeing acting through [D.W. Brown's] brilliant eyes, I found myself again passionate for the nuts and bolts of craft and the simple beauty of expression he so gorgeously clarifies.
-Jeff Goldblum

Julia Stiles Joanne Baron Acting School Los AngelesWorking with Joanne was life changing.
-Julia Stiles

Leslie Mann Joanne Baron Acting School Los AngelesIf you're serious about being an actor, read this book ["You Can Act!" by D.W. Brown]. D.W. Brown knows what he's talking about and he communicates it with inspiration, humor and simplicity.
-Leslie Mann

Mariska Hargitay Joanne Baron Acting School Los AngelesI think Joanne has the ability to see very clearly in people, what they don't see in themselves... One of the greatest gifts that you taught me, Joanne, is how to listen. Truly listen.
-Mariska Hargitay

Jamie Kennedy Joanne Baron Acting School Los AngelesI owe D.W. Brown so many thanks for teaching me the craft of acting. The work I did with him changed my life and my career.
-Jamie Kennedy

Paula Wagner Joanne Baron Acting School Los AngelesThank you for having an extraordinary school here. This organization is fantastic...You do an amazing thing. The time and the skill and the care and the involvement and commitment of the school...congratulations to this school. I am here to support you.
-Paula Wagner, Producer

Sam Raimi Joanne Baron Acting School Los AngelesD.W. Brown guided me in how to work with actors. I've incorporated the basic premises he works under and he gave me a lot of tips. We've spent time talking about the character and he raises interesting questions and suggests approaches we might take in pulling off certain scenes. He has really helped me a lot.
-Sam Raimi, Director

Studying with Joanne made me a much better writer and executive. The experience has been an enormous help in my career. Maybe someday I'll even get to act!
-Ron Taylor, Vice President, Diversity Development for Fox Entertainment

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