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The Master Class Mission Statement.

To inspire and encourage artists to the highest level of performance they can possibly achieve with full and uncompromising commitment, embracing their work and our artistic community.


Class Options

The Master Class—Advanced Scene Study

This Master Class is a four day intensive led by Joanne Baron, the Artistic Director of the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio, at a state of the art, 100 seat theater in the Los Angeles area. The class addresses script analysis and character interpretation in-depth, facilitating the artist's ability to create a fully realized performance. Actors, writers, directors, and producers work on prepared scenes. The material is selected by the Artistic Director from the most current theatrical productions in New York, London, and Los Angeles.

The Industry Master Class

This Master Class is a four day intensive led by Joanne Baron, the Artistic Director of the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio, at a state of the art, 100 seat theater in the Los Angeles area. Students perform film scenes for a panel of industry judges consisting of agents, managers, casting directors and producers. Scenes selected by the judges are recorded on a DVD and sent to Industry professionals.

D.W. Brown's Film Acting Master Class

This class is held at a state of the art 100 seat theater over a five day period and focuses on acting for the camera. Students perform scenes which will then are filmed and screened for review by D.W. Brown.


D.W. Brown teaches at the Film Acting Master Class

D.W. Brown’s Film Acting Master Class – Testimonials

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciated the Film Master Class. As an individual who has only done stage work, the idea of film was a bit intimidating but because of the past weekend, I feel I can approach it. I am so blessed to have stumbled upon this Studio. For me, this school, these teachers, this work has made all the difference. Thank you.
- Marci Miller

D.W., Thanks once again for the inspiration, insight and support. It’s not surprising, but it’s been a profound experience for me. Thank you for your continuous mentorship; you elevate my art.
- Bryan Bellomo

Even under the pressure of continuous shots, frequent camera moves, and a live audience, the actors remained calm and focused under D.W.’s always brilliant direction. Even sitting in the audience we gained a fresh perspective as we all watched on the big screen the most subtle of emotions come to life. I hope this Master Class is repeated at least once or twice each year. D.W. and Joanne make a formidable team!
– Stephan Paternot

DW Brown’s Master Class was a momentous experience. I learned so much about the details of film acting. I soaked in so much more because he speaks our Meisner language. It was awesome! Thank you so much!
-Cat Lee McGowan

I thought D.W.'s class was amazing. I feel like I absorbed so much wisdom, not just from him directing me, but also from watching him direct other people with the close up shots. It was a great experience and showed all of us how specific and relaxed we need to be. I would definitely do it all over again!
-Caitlin Zambito

Thank you so much for your teaching, guidance, and direction during Master Class. I learned so much…Every day I am grateful to learn at the Baron/Brown Studio and learning from you directly was the opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you for being so generous with us.
– Dana Hunt

Joanne Baron teaches at the Industry Master Class


Joanne Baron’s Industry Master Class – Testimonials

Thank you so much for all your wisdom, insight, and advice. This Master Class was such an enjoyable experience and truly educational. Your words to me were truly invaluable and I took them to heart. You are such an inspiration to me with both your talent as a teacher and actor. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you and learn from you. There are really no words to describe the impact you’ve had. Thank you…so, so much.
– Jayme Lynn Evans

Thank you so much for a wonderful master class! I learned so much from you. I appreciate all of your time and effort in making me a better actress. You opened me up to feelings and emotions I never knew I had. This Master Class was such a great experience for me! You truly are magic!
– Katie Gill

Every chance I get to be in your presence, I am always uplifted, of course, and transformed in some way. This time has been particularly special. I’m sure you can guess. You mean so much to me and I think it’s impossible for me to respect anyone more than I respect you. Art is big and we are small and I and the world are blessed to be led, taught, inspired, shaken, awoken, and love by someone like you. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for everything.
– Haley Webb

I learned so much from this last Master Class. Just the fact that I learned that I can truly believe in my own work ethic is a gift enough from the training, the gift I am the most grateful for the most of all. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, again, again: the school has given me hope, clarity and really truly has been the best transition into adulthood I could have ever asked for. Thank you forever.
–Sarah Tadayon

Master Classes are scheduled throughout the year and applicants for both acting and auditing positions should contact the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio for more information.

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