The Golden Globes are this weekend!

The Golden Globes are this weekend and we’re so excited for our alums and nominees! Congratulations to these actors and their projects!

Get Out (actor, alum Lakeith Stanfield) – 2 nominations

This is Us (actor, alum Justin Harley) – 3 nominations

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (actor, alum Brendan Sexton III) –


Meet Elaine Williams in a Free Seminar on Friday!

In anticipation of Elaine William’s upcoming class, Elaine will be teaching a free seminar on Friday, Nov 10th at 7pm.

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Audit DW Brown’s Film Master Class!

AUDIT DW Brown’s Film Master Class THIS WEEKEND! 

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Thank You For Your Service

We’re so excited for the release of alum Jason Hall’s film, Thank You For Your Service. Jason wrote and directed this Dreamworks Pictures’ film starring Miles Teller. 

Excerpt from Deadline Hollywood:

Thanks to writer-director Jason Hall, we have a new entry in this subgenre, Thank You For Your Service, and it is a powerful, unsentimental, sometimes hard to watch but always gripping tale of an Iraq battalion gearing up to fight another battle — the one to find their way home…Hall, Oscar nominated for his screenplay to Clint Eastwood’s big 2014 hit American Sniper, adapts David Finkel’s 2013 book of the same name that was a sequel of sorts to his Pulitzer Prize-winning The Good Soldiers, in which he was embedded with a battalion of soldiers. 


Acting is a Life Of Sacrifice…Are You Truly Ready?

Acting is a Life Of Sacrifice…Are You Truly Ready?

For someone who has professed a passion for acting, the question, “Do you really want to act?” will result in an unwavering respond that it’s their dream and that it’s all they’ve ever wanted to do.


Suggested watch from Baron Brown Teacher, Elaine Williams

This Ted Talk on The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown is a must for every artist and storyteller. I revisit it often for inspiration and a few well needed laughs of recognition. As she says…”Connection is why we are here.” Enjoy!

– Elaine Williams, Senior Meisner Teacher at Baron Brown Studio

Watch: The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown 



Why Acting Is so Much More Than It Appears to Be

By D.W. Brown and Joanne Baron | Posted Sept. 20, 2017, 10 a.m. from Backstage Magazine

For many people, acting appears to be people talking while sometimes getting emotional—basically, they think it’s someone on screen or stage being themselves. Which is why so many people think they can do it. They say, “Acting is only hard because you have to memorize lines.


Free Seminar with Joanne Baron on Monday, Oct 9th

Open to anyone new to Baron Brown Studio who wants to learn about the Meisner Technique!

Taught by Artistic Director, Joanne Baron. Joanne studied with Sanford Meisner and also trained with the reknowned William Esper in New York. This seminar is open to both beginning and experienced actors. Whether you are new to Meisner, have read Meisner’s book, or maybe taken a class or two, this seminar will give you an in depth look at the technique and show you a little about how it’s done and why it’s so beneficial.


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D.W. Brown’s Film Acting Master Class This class is held at a state of the art 100 seat theater over a five day period and focuses on acting for the camera. Students perform and film scenes which they will review with D.W. Brown.

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