NOW ENROLLING – DW Brown’s Film Master Class

D.W. Brown’s Film Acting Master Class This class is held at a state of the art 100 seat theater over a five day period and focuses on acting for the camera. Students perform and film scenes which they will review with D.W. Brown.

DATES: November 4, 5, 11, 12.


‘Non-Doing’ in Acting and the Alexander Technique

by Alexander Technique teacher, Michael Frederick
As students of the Sanford Meisner work at the Baron Brown Studio, how many times have you been told to “trust the work” especially in relation to your emotional preparation? The difficulty is that we very rarely trust.  We cleverly try and manipulate our emotional preparation and the corresponding action at the very last moment. This lack of trust is born out of our fear of not being right or being criticized by the acting teacher or even worse…self-criticism.


Actors…Why Are You Acting?

by Baron Brown Meisner teacher, Sharon Hogg

I had a great conversation with an old student of mine the other night.  From time to time we have our heady conversations about the world at large, its victories and failures and boy oh boy, was there a lot to talk about in light of all that has been happening around us…racial and religious turmoil, our presidential hopefuls, mental illness and ignorance and on the wind down, our beloved, “Art”….the “Art” of acting.


Baron Brown Blog – Freeing Oneself from fear and stage fright with the Alexander Technique

Freeing Oneself from fear and stage fright with the Alexander Technique

by Michael Frederick

The best kept secret in the performing art world is something called The Alexander Technique. It is taught at The Juilliard School in NYC, The American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.  I taught it for over a decade at The Old Globe Theater in San Diego and for over 30 years here at the Baron Brown Studio in Santa Monica.